Top Ten Tuesday: How to Fail a Class

Top Ten Tuesday: How to Fail a Class

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Today I start my senior year of college.  How bizarre, crazy, and unfathomable is that?!  Since starting school seventeen years ago, I have learned a few things about education, and I would like to impart some wisdom to any new college freshman.

Most people enter college with the goal of graduation.  But who wants to be like everyone else?  Make your own goals!  Blaze your own path!  Aim to drop out!  Here are my ten recommendations for successfully failing  a class.

  1. Ignore the syllabus.  In the syllabus, the professor will list any test, quizzes, papers, and other assignments.  Do not print out the syllabus.  Do not read it.  Do not even access the file on your computer.  Even glancing at a page of the syllabus may lead to passing the class.
  2. Procrastinate.  If you happen to know that an assignment will be due, try to avoid completing the assignment at all costs.  Only students who desire to pass a class actually complete any of the coursework.
  3. Oversleep.  Professors are pleased when students arrive to class on time and fully prepared.  In order to make failing easier, do not set an alarm or prepare anything for class the night before.
  4. Goof off.  Once you do get to class, let your mind wander away from the professor’s lecture.  Instead, scroll through Instagram or watch YouTube videos.  Whatever you do, refrain from listening to what the teacher is saying.
  5. Refuse help.  It is possible that a classmate will offer to give you notes, help you organize your calendar, or tutor you.  Do not accept any of these offers as they may lead to success.
  6. “Wing” the tests. Studying is a sure-fire way to pass an exam.  This could be detrimental to your goal of failure.
  7. Neglect the textbook.  Do not read it, open it, or sleep with it under your pillow.  In fact, it will probably be best if you do not buy it.  Ideally, you won’t even know what the text book is called.
  8. Forget about homework.  If this is not possible, feed homework to your dog.
  9. Skip breakfast.  Eating may provide energy which would increase your likelihood of paying attention and being productive.
  10. Be aimless.  Set no goals other than the goal of failure.

Disclaimer:  Following these ten steps may lead to becoming becoming a college dropout.  In such cases, one might have a sense of inadequacy, failure, and depression.  Consult your parents and mentors before engaging in any failure-driven activities.

Senior Year Dorm Room Tour

Senior Year Dorm Room Tour

I finally finished cleaning, rearranging, and decorating my dorm room just in time for residential students to move in later today.


I thought I would give y’all a quick tour of my abode for the next nine months…my last nine months of undergrad!


Every room is furnished to house two students.  Even though I am in a single-occupancy room, I have two dressers, two closets, two desks, and two beds (and therefore, twice the space to hide all of my junk).


As expected, I have a lot of pictures hanging in my room.  Anyone want to guess how many?

It’s only appropriate that the library was trying to discard this Chris Rice CD.  I have used YouTube (because I am old school) to listen to various songs from it on repeat for the last three years of college.  Now I can quit typing song names in the YouTube search box.

I spent a long time decorating my door, and I am so proud of it!  I would much rather stare at my door than get started on the school work that my syllabi say I have to do, but if I want to graduate in May, I better wrap up this post and get to work!

Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come

Christy is a teacher-trainer for the Baptist schools in Togo.  Every week, nearly a hundred children pile into her yard to sing, play, and learn about Jesus.


Amazing Africa

Amazing Africa

When I started my Thirty Before Thirty list, I had scheduled plans to complete some of the goals.  I had already registered for the Color Run, and my contract was signed with Pine Cove Camps.  Other tasks seemed easy enough to complete with a little bit of initiative.


However, some of my goals seemed unattainable. For example, I figured traveling to Africa would never actually happen.


But God’s plans far exceed human thoughts.


Thank you for bearing with me as I have posted dozens of photos of Africa this week.  I think we are almost to the end!

Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens

Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens


Hannah and I both sighed with exasperation as we wrung water out of our freshly washed hair.  “I just give up on this video project,” she expressed.  “I worked so hard on it, and then the instructor basically told me to start over.  He completely re-wrote my story, and he wants me to shoot new footage. It is due tomorrow at 5 o’clock, and I don’t know what to do.”

I nodded in agreement. “He did the same thing to me.  How are we supposed to completely re-work a video in 16 hours?”

After a week of shooting, scrubbing, recording, and editing, all nine workshop participants were stressed and exhausted.  We had spent 5 days scrambling in different directions to gather all the necessary components for our individual videos. We rarely spent more than thirty minutes together at meals.  Otherwise, we spent our days working on our personal projects.

Despite the fact that we each had our own deadlines and goals, a sense of teamwork developed in our group. Somehow, despite all of the personal work, we were enduring the same struggles.

I would never ask for difficulty to come, but enduring hardship together has a way of uniting people. Perhaps that is why James wrote, “Bear ye one another’s burdens.”

Sometimes, all you need is someone to come along beside you, say, “I understand.  I’ve been there too,” and offer to help carry the load.


Top Ten Tuesday: Summer 2016 in Pictures

Top Ten Tuesday: Summer 2016 in Pictures

Back in February, I realized that this might be my last summer as a “kid.”  I graduate from college in May 2017, and then I must enter the “real world.”  With that thought in mind, I designed a dream summer, visiting numerous tourist traps, multiple states, and a few countries.  While I would definitely describe this summer as “full,” I can also say that it was wonderful, joyous, and monumental.  Here are…

Ten Pictures that Summarize My Summer (in chronological order)

1.One week at home

During my week at home, I was privileged to shoot engagement photos for friends from college.


2.Two weeks of training for camp with Pine Cove

When you are the only staff member with a camera, you hear a lot of people say, “Kat, can you take my picture?”  Thankfully, I love that question!


3.Five weeks as the photographer for Camp in the City

I worked with an awesome team!


4.(another picture from camp)

…and I took pictures of some awesome kids!


5.One week visiting relatives in Tucson, Arizona

A picture of Bees Knees ice cream from The Screamery might be a better representation of how I spent my time in Tucson.


6.Two weeks back at home

One of my favorite things about being home is experimenting with new oatmeal combinations.  This is overnight oatmeal topped with homemade Dole Whip and beautiful berries.


7.(…and my family took a quick mini-vacation to Gettysburg for a few days)

(Photo credit to my dad)


8.Three weeks traveling with ABWE Storytellers to Togo (West Africa)

Shortly after taking this picture, I was lightly scolded for leaving the group…but when you see a good shot, you have to capture the moment!


9.(another picture from Togo)

While in Togo, I created a three minute video about a girl named Djamila.


10.One week preparing to head back to school

Mom and I play a lot of Scrabble.  Sometimes I actually win…